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23 April 2018

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Why register?

As a registered you can download the simple applications made available by our members, and have a complete illustrated description of all applications available so far. You can also view our forum with our members post´s.

Why become a member?

Members can download all the applications available on site and all its updates. If you choose so in your profile, you will be informed by mail of new applications or new versions of the previously downloaded by you.

We have a team of programmers/designers of various nationalities to give assistance and support in the use of applications and answer your questions. You have full access to our forum, where you can request assistance, post your questions and/or comments.

To those who become members in the launching phase of AutolisPro, the annual subscription is and will always be 20. Although we are constantly creating new applications we can´t guarantee a release date.

What is an associated?

As a associated you become part of the technical team of AutolisPro, you have all the rights of a member but you can also upload your own applications and draw some income.

You can simply upload the applications and receive your share at the end of the year. Or you can have an active participation in the site, increasing your ranking:

- Testing the applications made by other associates before they are released

- Translating some applications to other languages

- Developing new applications at the request of members

- Contributing to the maintenance and development of the site

- Answering to technical questions from visitors and members

By uploading your programs you are automatically giving the copyright to the site, you only get income from your applications while member (with subscription set) of the site.

If you don´t renew your subscription of member, the site has the right to continue distributing the aplications, the income will then be divided by the remaining associates.

Ranking? Income?

All associates have a ranking that keeps changing depending on the number of downloads of their aplications and the technical assistance given to the site.

Each year, part of profits of the site are distributed among the associates, making a weighted average of the number of associates and their ranking.

All associated are aware of their downloads, ranking, and a forecast of income at the end of the year.

Can everybody become an associate?

First of all, to become an associate you must be a member with subscription activated. Secondly, acceptance its always depending on the technical needs of AutolisPro. The nationality and level of programming it is also important.

Regardless the number of advanced applications uploaded by the associate,he has to provide at least two simple ones for free distribution.

Can I put all my applications on the site?

Giving the diversity of applications that can exist, it is in everyone´s best interest that they are reviewed before released, that is, applications that are the same or similar to existing ones will be rejected.

All codes are checked in security and feasibility issues by an administrator before they are distributed.

When new versions or changes are requested, they will always be routed back to the original programmer. If he gives up this right, or does not have availability to do so, they will be passed to another associated that is available.

All advanced applications available through the site are distributed in closed source (.vlx). All of them ending with the designation of origin ´... by´. This is done not only to protect the code, but also to help in case of use of menus (.dcl)

AutolisPro reserves the right to change this conditions without notice.

... AutolisPro is a project still under construction, we will try to implement as soon as possible all the missing features ! ...

At this starting fase, we are recruiting new programmers, if you are interested in investing in our project please contact us!

We want the site to be the most practical and functional. Your ideas and opinions are very important to us, please share them with us!

If you find any problem contact... webmaster Time to buil: 0 ... site online since October 2008... ... last update at 09/12/2014...