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24 April 2018

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(more versions) Rating: 6,9 (61 votes) Programmer: Joao_adm Date: 2010-10-27

Polylines V2, contains a set of operations that allows polyline 3D/2D handle.

V2 Features:

- Perfect Transform of Splines in 2D polylines, defining number of vertices up to 10 0000.

- JOIN polylines 3D/2D and Lines. Add to a single 3D polyline, various 3D, 2D and lines. It is a kind of ´pedit´, ´join´ to 3D, but more powerful!

- Transforming 3D to 2D polylines with elevation.

- Reduce the number of vertices in a 2D polyline, builds a new polyline using a minimum distance between points.
All the points closest are ignored.

Tags: Line , Polyline , 3D Polyline , Spline

Download Clicks
< take a look > Joao_adm 2010-10-27 alp_polylines_v2_pt.VLX 486
Dude 2010-11-04 alp_polylines_v2_en_1.VLX 358
< take a look > marjol 2011-06-22 alp_polylines_v2_es.VLX 290

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Excelente By: rivoalves 0 Replies Jan 25, 2013
Obrigado.... trabalho com bastantes mapas com curvas de nivel para fazer... 1601 Views By:rivoalves

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Comments > Polylines_V2

Perfecta. Gracias By: pedro28850 Oct 18, 2016
By: gjavier Feb 22, 2016
Muito útil este aplicativo. Parabéns! By: islenrocha Nov 24, 2014
Es un buen lisp para el manejo y modificqcion de. Pñpolilineas incluso Para cambiar a ploilineas 3d By: baltierrez Jun 06, 2014
Es una herramienta que nos ayuda en gran medida en la Manipulación de ploilineas By: arquibaltierrez Apr 06, 2014
nao recebi o arquivo ainda. no aguardo!!! By: takahashi Mar 21, 2014
Ainda não recebi em meus email! By: Cristiano Mar 12, 2014
esta herramienta me ha servido mucho para mis trabajos de topografia....muy buena By: veterano Mar 21, 2013
Muito bom. By: rivoalves Feb 22, 2013
Lo mejor que he utilizado para editar polilineas y lo mejor By: hidratecsa Dec 09, 2012
No esperaba tanta calidad y utilidad por este precio... By: wanchito Sep 26, 2012
Faz o que promete! By: etrozeski Dec 02, 2011
Óptimo programa, especialmente quando se pretende medir conjuntos de linhas ou modifica-las. Preciosa poupança de tempo By: njt May 18, 2011
essa rotina continua boa By: RicBarros Mar 30, 2011
learn your code to use this lisp.Wishing you a good day By: starkopf Jan 22, 2011

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